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The power of art and storytelling

Afnan's passion for art and community development led her to become a partner at The Orenda Tribe, a social enterprise that empowers youth to make positive change in their own communities through art and storytelling.

Afnan, who are you?

I am an architect with a passion for art, and for utilizing it for community development and advocacy. After graduating from the German Jordanian University, I was not interested in following the conventional route usually taken by architecture graduates. I prefer to focus on exploring paths of personal and community development through art and design practice.

I worked on projects that aimed to upgrade urban public spaces and to develop design solutions for low-income areas by engaging the local communities in the planning and implementation processes, by enabling them to achieve their visions and express their needs.

My passion for integrating art with civic engagement and expression led me to become a partner at The Orenda Tribe. We are a social enterprise that empowers youth to make positive change in their own communities. We advocate through art and storytelling to mobilize the community on social topics.

What challenges would you like to tackle in your community or country?

We hope to mobilize the youth and engage them on community-based social issues through creatively raising their awareness. We also aim to create young ambassadors, empowering them to take action and enabling them to spread the word and make a change.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to create a world where youth is empowered to make positive change in their own communities.

Why have you decided to apply as a social entrepreneur in the Middle East Entrepreneurship Program (MEEP)?

The Orenda Tribe is now at a very critical turning point. We are trying to pivot the business, scale up and increase our social impact. We decided to apply for the program because we truly think that this program will help us make our vision a reality in the next phase of our project.

What do you expect to get out of the program for yourself and for your community?

As an individual with a strong passion to make a difference, I hope to develop the skills that I already have, such as project management and communication skills, as well as my personal strengths. I think all these skills will have a major impact in helping me to make a real difference in the community.

As for the community, we will develop skills and build a team that is engaged and can reflect and make a positive difference.

Would you like to join Afnan and the MEEP team? Apply to the program to develop yourself as a purpose-driven leader while creating tangible impact in Jordan.

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