6 silent movies on community challenges win competition

What is an important challenge in your community? How can you contribute towards solving it with who you are and what you have? Submit a silent movie and win to create impact!

All our social enterprises address important challenges in their communities. In collaboration with our long-standing partner Mildenberger Verlag, we are launching a silent movie competition around a challenge you would like to solve in your community.

On November 2, we announced the 6 winners of the silent movie competition. The team from Arvaikheer Learning Center in Mongolia won the first place with its video on how to wear masks correctly. Go to our Vimeo Showcase for all videos.

All our social enterprises were invited to participate in the competition. A mixture of online and jury voting will result in the 6 best movies winning EUR 200 each to solve the challenge presented in the video. The application deadline was October 1, 2020.

What kind of challenges are we looking for?

The challenge can be social, educational, ecological or economic, e.g. around protecting the environment, gender equality, unemployment, attitude or any other topic. It is important to us that you care about it. Involve people who are affected by it and show us what you do about it with who you are and what you have.

Why does it have to be a silent movie? A silent movie is understood by everyone. You don´t have to speak a certain language to understand it. At the same time, it is fun to watch! Do you remember the Charlie Chaplin movies? Watch this video to learn how to make such a movie.

What can you win?

First and foremost, fame! We will showcase your video on all our social media channels and you can use it as well to advertise for the vision of your social enterprise. In addition, the six most promising entries win EUR 200 each towards solving the challenge in the video.

Who can participate?

All social enterprises created with BOOKBRIDGE are invited to participate. Extra credits are given to those videos whose making involves a large number of people from the social enterprise as well as the challenge you are portraying.

How do we nominate the 6 best movies?

The nomination process involves three steps:

  1. Upload your movie by October 1 complying with the following criteria:

  2. The movie is a silent movie. This means no sound!

  3. The length is between 1 minute and 3 minutes maximum.

  4. The movie portrays a challenge in your community and can be watched by people of all ages.

  5. The movie is in a standard format like MPG or MP4.

  6. Online voting by everyone between October 14 and October 21 We will show all movies in this blog post and we invite you to share the link so that people can watch your video. The video with the most watches receives 6 points, followed by the next one with 5 points up to the 1 point for the 6th most watched video.

  7. Voting by jury on October 19 A jury composed out of 2 members from BOOKBRIDGE and 2 members from Mildenberger Verlag will distribute another 6 points based on the impact of the project on the community (3 points), the creativity (2 points) and the number of people involved in making it (1 point).

  8. Celebration of the 6 winners on November 2 We will celebrate the winner of the silent movie competition in an online show on Monday, November 2 at 11 AM CET. All participants are invited and the 6 winners will be shown and recognized by the jury members.

How will the movies be used after having been submitted? We will publish all movies on our website in a blog post. In addition, we may share and feature them in social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Finally, our partner Mildenberger Verlag may offer the videos to school classes as a basis for discussion about challenges in communities around the world.

Do you have any further questions? If you have any further questions on this competition, please contact Ruth at ruth [at] bookbridge.org .

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