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Imagine you, your organization, a social entrepreneur and an entire community wins. This is what we achieve together.

First, we turn you as our participant into a purpose-driven leader. With what you have learnt in our programs and the initiatives you start after the program, you inspire others to follow you, thereby shaping the culture in your organization. 

Second, you contribute towards the set up of a tangible social enterprise which is run by a dedicated social entrepreneur and improves the job and life chances of thousands of people in disadvantaged communities around the world. 

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purpose-driven leaders developed


organizational cultures
shaped towards more purpose


corporate employees

inspired with purpose

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social enterprises



countries with deprived
communities reached


job and life chances


people impacted in total

money (1).png


program sales in 2020


profit margin



in soft loans invested


paybacks till 2020

"BOOKBRIDGE broadened my individual perspective and motivated me to co-develop a capability-based social impact program for Swiss Re Bangalore."

Amit Kalra, Managing Director, Swiss Re Bangalore

Our impact is our right to exist. This is why transparency in how we move from vision to impact is key to us.

We use the logic model to plan, communicate, implement and assess the impact of our programs. The logic model comprises inputs to describe what resources we put in, activities to show what we actually do, outputs to portray the immediate result out of our program and outcomes and impact for long-term effects leading to our vision of a world of purpose-driven leaders. The numbers below refer to our impact generated as per March 1, 2021.


The key resources required to run our action learning programs are motivated professionals who are ready to step into the shoes of a social entrepreneur, aspiring social entrepreneurs from deprived communities as well as impact investors who are willing to invest their time, money and heart into making a difference. 



impact investors


Accompanied by our professional business and leadership coaches, we engage professionals, social entrepreneurs and impact investors in our unique 6-month learning journey. They learn to step up and take responsibility – for themselves, for others and for a joint higher goal.


action learning programs
run in 11 countries so far


After our action learning programs, professionals and social entrepreneurs turn into purpose-driven leaders in their respective environments. As a team, they created one tangible social enterprise which improves job and life chances of a deprived community. The social enterprise offers its products or services against a minimal fee from locals to locals. This allows the social enterprise to re-pay the soft loan received from impact investors.


professionals developed

social enterprises


in soft loans invested

To support our purpose-driven leaders in their further development, we offer a wide range of life long learning opportunities geared towards continuous skill development, best practice exchange and mutual learning.

of social enterprises up and running after 10 years

of all costs covered through revenues pre-COVID19

in soft loans paid back to investors or re-invested

Outcomes and impact

Through the life changing experience in our programs, our purpose-driven leaders start to lead themselves and others differently. This is where they start to change society as a larger system. In our 2020 impact assessment, we found out that each one of our 680 program alumni had impacted 105 colleagues in the organization with purpose-driven leadership while each social enterprises had improved the job and life chances of 1'081 people in deprived communities. 

improved job and life chances by 47 social enterprises


colleagues impacted by 574 purpose-driven leaders

people impacted



We cover 14 out of 17 SDGs with our social enterprises in deprived communities around the world. And we are looking for aspiring social entrepreneurs in the areas of life below water, responsible consumption and production as well as industry, innovation and infrastructure to cover them all.


Our impact is best told in stories. This is why we regularly share exciting impact stories from our action learning programs. 


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