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Imagine a transformative learning experience which fuels you and your organization with purpose.

Our world is changing at lightning speed. In order to succeed, organizations more often need a transformational non-hierarchical leadership structure, empowered team members, relentless focus on impact, adaptive technology platforms and processes as well as an inclusive and agile culture.

Simultaneously, individuals strive for integrating value and meaning into our and other’s professional lives. High levels of responsibility for ourselves and others are required. The ability to open up, embrace change and co-create tangible, impactful solutions are critical success factors.

In our action learning programs, we develop purpose-driven leaders while creating social enterprises for the big challenges of our time. We transform individuals and organizations with purposeJoin us in pioneering new ways of co-creation, leadership and problem-solving.


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Imagine a transformative learning experience which fuels you and your organization with purpose.

When you participate in our program, you will find a safe space to open up and develop. You will start to lead by purpose. You become known for stepping outside of your comfort zone into the role of a real entrepreneur. You collaborate across cultures in a truely virtual setting. You create true impact in your organization and the world. 

When you send your best talents to us as an organization, you become known for your agile and purpose-driven culture. Your people love you for the opportunities you give to them in using and developing their skills. Your best talents start to challenge the status quo and feel empowered to take your business model to the next level as intrapreneurs


Learning journey in a nutshell


Making a difference does not happen overnight. This is why our programs run over a period of several months. The challenge can be on your doorstep or abroad. In partnership with WHU, we offer complementary lectures on entrepreneurship and leadership so that you get the best out of two worlds.

Our programs typically involve four modules. In module 1, candidates meet their counterparts from the target community and they get introduced to the concept of social business. They turn into a high-performing team to co-create a profitable business which makes a difference. In module 2, they apply design thinking to prototype solutions on-site. With lean startup, they get their business going with minimal resources. In module 3, they pitch their business plan and impact model to a local and international investor. Up to module 4, they implement their plan on-site and hand over the responsibility to a local entrepreneur. Finally, they assess the impact created as well as what they bring back to the company. 

"BOOKBRIDGE broadened my individual perspective and motivated me to co-develop a capability-based social impact program for Swiss Re Bangalore."

Amit Kalra, Managing Director, Swiss Re Bangalore


Five key capabilities of a purpose-driven leader


Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Imagine you encounter a pressing social, economic or environmental challenge. Something you really care about. We challenge you to step up and take real responsibility as an entrepreneur. As part of a diverse team, you co-create a tangible social enterprise to solve the challenge.

Two professional business and leadership coaches accompany you on your learning journey as an entrepreneur. You apply design thinking, rapid prototyping and lean startup. In personal reflection sessions, you discover your purpose and you start leading others with it.

Your experience changes your life. You are proud of what you have created. You will call yourself “Co-Founder”. You will lead by vision and values rather than hierarchy and budget. You will challenge existing business models and make them more inclusive and future-oriented.

Our programs you into a purpose-driven leader. Five key capabilities empower you to act as a changemaker in your professional and personal environment:

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  • 23rd Capability Program
    23rd Capability Program
    April 9, 2025 to October 17, 2025
    Switzerland, project country and online
    April 9, 2025 to October 17, 2025
    Switzerland, project country and online
    April 9, 2025 to October 17, 2025
    Switzerland, project country and online
    Develop as a leader whilst creating lasting impact. This programs runs in collaboration with WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. Earn a Certificate in Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship with 9 ECTS points.

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