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Imagine a transformative learning experience which fuels you and your organization with purpose.

When you participate in our program, you will find a safe space to open up and develop. You will start to lead by purpose. You become known for stepping outside of your comfort zone into the role of a real entrepreneur. You collaborate across cultures in a truely virtual setting. You create true impact in your organization and the world. 

When you send your best talents to us as an organization, you become known for your agile and purpose-driven culture. Your best talents start to challenge the status quo and feel empowered to take your business model to the next level as intrapreneurs


We challenge you to step up and take real responsibility as a social entrepreneur in the field. As part of a diverse team, you co-create a tangible social enterprise to improve job and life chances of a deprived community. In this process, you experience the power of design thinking, lean start up and agile teamwork in a truly entrepreneurial setting. 

Two professional business and leadership coaches accompany you on your personal learning journey as a purpose-driven leader. After the program, you join our family to create tangible initiatives in your own environment, making on impact on yourself, your organization and the world.


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  • 20th Jubilee Capability Program
    April 18, 2023 to October 20, 2023
    Switzerland, Cambodia, Mongolia or SriLanka
    Develop as a leader while creating social impact in Mongolia, Cambodia or Sri Lanka. This programs runs in collaboration with WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. Earn a certificate in leadership and social entrepreneurship with 9 ECTS points.

"BOOKBRIDGE broadened my individual perspective and motivated me to co-develop a capability-based social impact program for Swiss Re Bangalore."

Amit Kalra, Managing Director, Swiss Re Bangalore

Time has come for you as a next-generation leader to step up and take action.

Economy, technology and society - the world - is changing faster than ever. You want to leverage your key talents and decide on which opportunities to follow? In today’s massively interrelated world, high levels of responsibility for ourselves and others are required. Simultaneously we strive for integrating value and meaning into our and other’s professional lives. The ability to open up, embrace change and co-create tangible, impactful solutions are critical success factors today and even more so tomorrow.

In order to succeed in the New Economy, organizations more often need a transformational non-hierarchical leadership structure, empowered team members, relentless focus on impact, adaptive technology platforms and processes as well as an inclusive and agile culture. Gaining insight into growth markets and developing a deep understanding of different cultures have become as crucial as learning new skills such as how to work in diverse, self-organized teams and to adapt to change.

This is what we strive for. The Capability Program turns you into a next-generation purpose-driven leader. Five key capabilities empower you to act as change maker in your professional and personal environment:


Five key capabilities of a purpose-driven leader


Our action learning programs empower organizations, professionals, social entrepreneurs and impact investors alike.

Curating one of our programs is a piece of art. We collaborate with organizations willing to send their best leaders and talents. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds. We scout for passionate social entrepreneurs around the world and match their visions with dedicated impact investors.






Social Entrepreneurs


We empower organizations from all sectors and geographies to become more agile and purpose-driven. With our program, you create a human basis for cultural transformation in your organization. Once your people have experienced our unique approach, we invite you to copy us with pride and run your own internal programs following our approach.

To achieve impact with you, we support you in a very personal approach from start to end. Together, we engage in advertising the opportunity, selecting candidates as well as assessing the impact during and after the experience.


We invite professionals from all backgrounds and ages to take to lead by purpose. We offer you a holistic learning experience which will transform you. In a safe space, you will have the chance to open up and develop. In this process, our team and coaches will accompany you in a very personal setting.

Social Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneurs who is looking for help to turn your vision of change into reality? We support you with a team of dedicated professionals as your co-founders, a structured learning process, opportunities to develop your business and leadership skills and a lifetime membership in our BOOKBRIDGE Family.

Impact Investors

Do you want to feel the impact your create with your money? We offer you the opportunity to accompany an aspiring social entrepreneur and a team of dedicated professionals in turning their vision of change into reality. As an impact investor, you meet the team and you get the business plan pitched to you before you make the decision upon your investment. We ensure the follow-up and reporting on your investment.

Donors and Volunteers

Our social enterprises offer ample opportunities for social and monetary engagement. As part of our action learning programs, we offer one free spot per program against a 6-month commitment as a volunteer on-site. We collaborate with the FIS and UK Scouts to engage young people in supporting our social enterprises. And we are proud of our alumni initiative Friends of BOOKBRIDGE to fund scholarships for families from deprived backgrounds.


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