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Impact Movie Competition: Vote for the best movie - "Demonstrate the merit of your work to the world

Impact story is the way you explain how your social enterprise creates changes in your community. Storytelling is a powerful way of communicating that we have used throughout history to connect with empathy and through a stronger understanding of each other’s experiences.

Our brains are conditioned to understand stories from our earliest years, which is why stories tend to be more effective at conveying messages than data. Stories are a powerful tool for building an emotional connection with your clients – which is essential, as you want them to care about your work.

Our Social Entrepreneurs have created short videos on their impact stories to demonstrate what they were doing in their journey.

There are 8 videos submitted.

What kind of challenges is it?

These movies are portraying impact stories of our social enterprises located in Mongolia Cambodia and Sri Lanka for the past 14 years aiming to bring out rich insights to help us understand what has changed and how, and the degree to which the changes can be attributed to their communities

A mixture of online and jury voting will result in the best movies winning prize money helping to promote these traditional dishes to reach the world.

Who has participated?

The social enterprises created by BOOKBRIDGE are participated.

How do you evaluate?

  1. Online voting by everyone between June 19 and June 25, 2023 All the movies are uploaded to this blog post and we invite you to share the link so that people can watch your video. The video with the most voted receives 6 points, followed by the next one with 5 points up to the 1 point for the 6th most watched video.

  2. Voting by jury on June 27, 2023 A jury composed out of 2 members from BOOKBRIDGE and 2 members from Mildenberger Verlag will distribute another 6 points based on the followings:

  • the techniques used in filming (2 points),

  • the creativity (2 points)

  • the practicability (2 points).

Celebration of the winners on June 30, 2020 We will celebrate the winner of the movie competition in our BOOKBRIDGE summit on Friday, June 30 at 1.30 PM CET. All participants are invited and the winners will be shown and recognized by the jury members.

Watch the videos carefully.....

1) Mongolia : Arvaikheer-1

2) Sri Lanka : Batticaloa-1

3) Cambodia

4) Mongolia: Arvaikheer-2

5) Sri Lanka : Bandarawela

6) Sri Lanka : Nuwara Eliya

7) Sri Lanka : Batticaloa-2

8) Sri Lanka : Batticaloa-3

Vote here

  • 1) Mongolia : Arvaikheer-1

  • 2) Sri Lanka : Batticaloa-1

  • 3) Cambodia

  • 4) Mongolia: Arvaikheer-2


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