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I learned that seemingly impossible barriers can be overcome

Impact is our reason to exist. Each year, we therefore assess our impact and ask our alumni community how much our program has impacted them and their environment, both professionally and privately, and in what way. In other words, do our programs offer the learning experience that fuels the candidates and their organization with purpose, just as we advertise? In short, it turns out that we are delivering what we promise.

Leadership, teamwork and hands-on learning are the most common themes associated with our program

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy. Our alumni are key ambassadors and a source of learning for us and the program. We are truly grateful for so much positive feedback and encouragement – 94% of respondents are likely, or highly likely, to recommend our programs to a friend or a colleague.

When asked whether they can recall any impact they have had on others through the program, 78% of our respondents stated that they have had an impact on others in either their private or professional environment, or both.

Impact on yourself

II taught the team about agile methodologies and how to adapt to uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic.

Nearly all program alumni mentioned a change in attitude and perspectives on personal capabilities, foreign cultures and career paths.

Dealing with uncertainty has been an important new skill learned in the program, particularly relevant in times of the pandemic and its ongoing repercussions. The power of adapting to an ever-changing situation is an integral part of today’s business world and we’re happy to contribute to improve abilities to cope with and confidence in uncertain circumstances.

The action learning program can have a more profound impact, with one alumnus even changing career paths, which he remarked, has been positive for my personal life and work life. We also truly believe in improved self-confidence:

I tried various roles, including project lead and doing speeches which has made me confident to speak in a group of people.

The program improves entrepreneurial skills and mindset by shining new light on a tangible business challenge.

I think in a more business-oriented way. Where is the problem, who delivers an opportunity? Do I understand the market? Where do I need to investigate more to understand the potential?

Impact on others

Our program has had lasting effects long after it finished. We are especially proud to hear of this evolution. The alumni started to apply what they learned in their respective environments. This allows them to keep on generating an impact beyond the social enterprise they had been co-creating in our program.

In my company, charity and social business have become more common since my participation in the program, [because I shared what I learned from it].

What happens if you put together a group of motivated professionals, a passionate social entrepreneur with a very unique business challenge and two coaches to guide you through your learning journey? The power of high-performance teamwork is another highlight of our program.

Before the program, I didn't think that trust and personal connection could be established to the degree the team managed to achieve […]

What makes us unique

We also asked to what extent our programs have a competitive advantage in the market. If you ask our program alumni, they highlight our learning by doing approach. This entails engaging in a hands-on experience, in which you take responsibility as an entrepreneur in the field.

Rather than reading a book, we were actually doing what needed to be done in the real world and putting our learning straight into action.

The combination of social and business objectives differentiates our programs from others in the market according to our program alumni. They are stepping out of their comfort zone and create something meaningful they personally care about.

It is a unique combination of personal development, knowledge and learning about entrepreneurship and business development.

The people involved were mentioned as key differentiators. Program alumni perceive BOOKBRIDGE and all stakeholders involved as authentic, passionate and sincere. After the program, they become part of our family.

We are very proud that our program has had an impact on our alumni and other people they work with when they implement what they learned in the program. We will continue to assess our impact on a yearly basis and share the different outcomes with you.

  • Are you willing to discover a new way of leading yourself and others?

  • Do you want to create impact in Mongolia, Cambodia or Sri Lanka while learning?

  • Do you believe in teamwork and cooperation?

If you are a motivated professional, with solid spoken English and at least three years of work experience, join us for a unique learning journey here

I recommend the program to others as a life-altering journey that will give you a new and different perspective on life and the impact that just one individual can have.


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