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Mistakes are the start of a learning journey

Joachim Paaskesen co-founded CamAha. The social enterprise is a food ecosystem that aims to build trust in local and sustainable products to positively impact families in Siem Reap and Battambang, Cambodia.

Co-founding in a world where change is constant, he shares the importance of a strong purpose and the valuable lessons learned. After the program, Joachim embraces trying new things even if they are not perfect. This is his impact story.

Joachim, share with us three important facts that people should know about you.

  • I have been working with Hilti for over 4 years – in three different roles

  • I have visited 5 continents

  • I have a passion for James Bond movies and hip-hop music

Why did you decide to participate in the program?

In my professional life I always try to challenge myself to hone my skills and competencies. Also, I find it important to go outside my comfort-zone and try new things because that’s where valuable learnings come from.

BOOKBRIDGE’s capability program offered me all of the above, in a real-life entrepreneurial setting where my contribution could lead to real change in Cambodia.

What does purpose-driven leadership mean to you?

For me, it’s about having a strong purpose that the whole team believes in and works towards. A purpose should be the guiding star for all we do and all we want to achieve. Moreover, purpose-driven leadership for me is all about having a clear understanding of what makes our competencies, skillset, and personality unique. Only when we have this thorough knowledge, can we help others use their uniqueness to accomplish great results.

Joachim (4th from left to right) and his 19th capability program team!

What impact has BOOKBRIDGE had on your private and professional life?

First, I have implemented the value of ‘Good enough for now, safe enough to try’. No one is perfect, and in a life where the only constant is change, it is near impossible to do a perfect job. This learning is about finding the balance between going in depth with some decisions and trying different things. Overall, this helps me accomplish more and thrive in a fast-faced and time-poor environment.

Also, I’m now more comfortable making mistakes. Previously, I saw them as a failure and a job not well done.

I understand now that if we don’t make the occasional mistake, we aren’t trying to push the boundaries and status-quo enough.

However, a mistake does not hold any value in itself – it is the reflections and the learnings related to the why that is important, and that's what we need to embrace. Essentially, this is about seeing one’s mistakes as the beginning of a learning journey – not the end.

What did you learn from Saloth, BOOKBRIDGE's Community Hero?

One of the key-learnings from me is related to the above mentioned importance of strong purpose. Saloth has an incredible drive and strong passion for what she does. Within the first week of the program when she shared her story, she answered one of the most important questions a team should ask themselves – why are we really doing this? Saloth was able to establish a purpose and motivate us not only to do a job – but to solve a problem which could have a strong and long-lasting impact. Learn more from Saloth here.

Saloth Eng, CambAha's Co-Founder and BOOKBRIDGE's Community Hero

One last question, what is your commitment towards a world of purpose-driven leaders?

I will do my best to create a safe environment where the team members can be the best version of themselves. Every member of the team must have a clear understanding of why they are unique and how their person and skillset contributes to the team. A strong purpose related to the why must also be established for us to deliver meaningful achievements all while doing the job with passion and joy.

If we have an environment like that– great results will follow!

Joachim (2nd from left to right) and Andreas from Hilti Denmark in Switzerland

Thank you Joachim for sharing your impact story with us. We are proud that you are part of our community of bridgebuilders! 🧡

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone? Do you believe in leading others effectively? If you are a motivated professional, with solid spoken English and at least at least 2 years of post-graduate work experience, join us for a unique learning journey.


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