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"The program has given me a bigger picture of my career and personal life"

Steve Ruston is Key Account Manager at Hiliti. As part of BOOKBRIDGE's 15th Capability Program he helped to develop new business ideas and revenue sources for 3 social enterprises in rural Cambodia.

Steve with Vannak Pen, one of the social entrepreneurs he supported during the program.

Steve, tell us 3 facts that people should know about you!

  • I’m engaged to be married with partner Jodie and I have 2 children called Evie and Josh.

  • I’ve worked for Hilti for 8 years in Great Britain.

  • We just rescued a dog called Luna.

Why did you decide to participate in the CAP?

I wanted to join for my own personal and professional development. The program appealed to me because it included a lot of hands on learning and really put me outside of my comfort zone. Hilti have been fantastic in supporting me in my development and it has been a great opportunity to grow.

What do you remember as a highlight of the program?

My highlight of the program was the people. There was such a variety of personalities in our CAP Team and it was great to work together for such a great social enterprise.

The people that I met in Cambodia were also absolutely amazing. Considering the history of the country and their status as a developing country, the people were so welcoming. Although they didn’t have a lot to give, they would gladly share what they had. I hope one day to go back to Cambodia to see some of the people again.

Steve (5th from right) together with his team from CAP15.

What impact has BOOKBRIDGE had on your private and professional life?

It has changed my perspective on myself more than anything.

I had expectations of going through the program and emerging with new business knowledge and although I did learn a lot from the mentors, I learnt the most about myself.

The process has given me the clarity to view my career and personal life from a higher viewpoint and see the bigger picture. I now challenge myself and my peers and have the confidence in my knowledge and abilities to pursue new roads in my career. I’ve learnt how to be creative again and how to be more innovative with the resources I have available.

Steve discusses new revenue ideas with social entrepreneurs.

My personal life has also been impacted because I shared the whole experience with my family every step of the way and they could see the good work we were doing. I hope that they will inspired to be social entrepreneurs one day and help people less fortunate.

The Cambodian people will always have a place in my heart and I still continue to prototype ideas which will hopefully help them become sustainable.

Thank you Steve for sharing your experience and your learnings with us. We are proud that you are part of our BOOKBRIDGE Family!


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