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Wanted: Social Entrepreneur!

Do you want to turn your vision for change in your community into a profitable business? Then apply until December 8, 2023 and become the social entrepreneur in our 22nd Capability Program starting in April 2024.

Making a difference as a team
Making a difference as a team

At BOOKBRIDGE, we believe in a world where people care and act. This is why we combine transformative learning with impact. In our action learning programs, we develop purpose-driven leaders while creating social enterprises for the big challenges of our time.

For our 22nd Capability Program from April to October 2024, we are looking for an aspiring social entrepreneur. Do you need support in turning your a vision for change in your community into reality? We invite you to apply here until December 8, 2023 if you have...

  • a strong passion to make a difference in your community

  • strong entrepreneurial fiber and a track record in turning things into reality

  • the willingness to dedicate yourself full-time to running a business which improves the job and life chances of your community members

  • good roots in your community with the ability to motivate others to join in to support your vision

Please consider that we cannot scale up existing businesses. Instead, we are looking for applicants who are ready to co-create solutions to a challenge in the community with a team of international professionals.

We invest in you to turn your vision into reality. We offer you a structured and proven approach to turn your vision for your community into a tangible social enterprise. As a social entrepreneur, you participate for free in our 22nd Capability Program from April to October 2024. By engaging in our program, you will

  • develop your business and leadership skills with support from professional business and leadership coaches

  • get support from a passionate team of professionals in setting up your social enterprise

  • get access to a soft loan at 0% interest to kick-start your impact-driven venture

  • get opportunities after the program to learn from peers and exchange best practices

  • receive a lifetime membership in our BOOKBRIDGE Family

Are you ready to apply? Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out our application form until December 8, 2023

  2. Participate in a 1h video call and a potential visit to your community if you are shortlisted by December 13, 2023

  3. Introduce yourself to an international panel by December 20, 2023

Whom to contact?

If you have questions please contact Carsten Ruebsaamen at


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