Impact Investors

Do you want to feel the impact you create?

You are looking for a meaningful way to make a difference with your money. You like to support individuals on their way to setup their own business for a living.


You have a holistic view on what our world needs in order to cope with current challenges. You would like to support initiatives which improve people‘s job and life chances to become self-confident responsible citizens.

Financial return is less important to you than the impact you create.

This is what we offer to you.

We support outstanding social entrepreneurs in making a difference in their home communities by building their business and leadership skills, giving them a team of co-creators and access to capital.


We offer you the opportunity to join these social entrepreneurs along with a team of highly-skilled professionals on their learning journey as an impact investor.


You meet the team and you get the business plan pitched to you before you make the decision upon your investment. We ensure the follow-up and reporting on your investment.


You get to decide on how your investment is spent. The team pitches to you as their investor.


You invest in a proven concept with investors from all around the world.


Your investment allows a social entrepreneur to make long-term impact in the community.

How does it work?

You get in contact with us to learn more about how we work and what your role as investor looks likes. This is best done in a personal meeting or in a video call.

Once you feel comfortable in stepping up and taking responsibility as an impact investor, we sign a grant or loan agreement with our Foundation based in Basel, Switzerland. You are asked to wire your investment onto our account.

As a next step, you join your preferred program as an investor involving a time immitment of 4-6 hours over the course of 6 months. Your commitment includes a 30 minute Zoom Call at the program kick off to introduce yourselves and get to know the team. Three months later, you travel to Zurich to listen to the pitch and make your decision. Another three months later, you join a 30 minute debrief call to evaluate the impact of your investment.


"BOOKBRIDGE supports us to boost impact by bringing together promising entrepreneurs and the best Swiss Re talents."


—  Stefan Huber Fux,

Head Swiss Re Foundation

Investment Size

Our investment size is EUR 20.000 per program. You may decide to invest the full sum on your own or as a group of individuals.

Depending on the business model and country, the team might pitch for less or more. It is your decision on whether you invest at the pitch or not.

We do not charge any overhead or managing fees. 100% of your investment goes into the social enterprise as an interest-free loan.


The social entrepreneur and the team always pitch for an interest-free loan which needs to be re-paid over the period of maximum 10 years. BOOKBRIDGE monitors re-payments and further investments.

You decide whether to give the money to BOOKBRIDGE as a tax-deductible grant or an interest-fre loan. If you give BOOKBRIDGE the investment as a grant, we re-invest it into social entrepreneurs in the same country. If you give it to us as soft loan, any paybacks are transferred to your account. 

After your investment

Staying connected with you is very important to us.


After the program, you receive monthly reports from the social entrepreneur in whom you invested in.. On a yearly basis, you receive an assessment from your investment manager at BOOKBRIDGE and you either receive the paybacks on your account or you learn in what it has been re-invested.


And we invite you to our bi-yearly BOOKBRIDGE Summit, allowing you to broaden your network and to continue to live our spirit and shared values.

Are you ready to invest in impact?



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