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Hilti engages beyond business

Since 2012, Hilti has been developing leaders while creating impact in our action learning programs. In 2020, the Hilti Group decided to roll out our program globally as part of their effort to make a significant contribution to solving the world’s social problems. In this blog post, we explain how everything started and how the program has been implemented.

Hilti is a leading manufacturer of tools for construction professionals. Hilti‘s aim is to build a better future. They want to help their customers build faster, safer and more sustainably, while being mindful of the legacy they leave behind. The company employs 30,000 people and is active in 120 countries.

Hilti employees at the opening of their social enterprise in Cambodia in 2013

Hilti started off with a pilot with 5 talents in our 2nd Capability Program in 2013. In close collaboration with local community members in Cambodia, they co-created a learning center in the rural town of Takeo. The aim is to improve the job and life chances of people through education. Courses are taught by locals for locals against a minimal fee. This turns the learning center into a self-sustained social enterprise. After 10 years, the learning center runs self-sustained, run by a very dedicated social entrepreneur and impacts 1,000 people every year.

The participants gave very positive feedback to the Head of the Northern European Region. As participants started to lead their teams with purpose and became more entrepreneurial in their projects, the program was made part of Hilti‘s talent development in the region.

“Imagine you step into the role of a true entrepreneur. Imagine you work in an international and cross-industrial team. Imagine you get the chance to setup a sustainable business. Imagine you genuinely experience a foreign culture in a country like Mongolia or Jordan. These unique opportunities, you will experience at BOOKBRIDGE!" Werner Wallner, CEO Hilti Foundation

For 10 years, more than 100 Hilti employees from 8 MOs have developed as leaders while creating 14 social enterprises in Mongolia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Jordan and South Africa. Each participant improved the job and life chances of 790 people and impacted 83 colleagues at the workplace with purpose-driven leadership and more self-convince to start new initiatives. To date, all Hilti employees call it a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience with tremendous impact on their personal and professional lives.

Expansion of the program to the Middle East in 2021

In 2020, the Capability Program was chosen as one out of three main programs for Hilti market organizations to „engage beyond business“. Since then, a program has been run in the Middle East. In the future, Hilti aims at offering local versions of the program in its markets as well as inviting participants from other regions to participate in the open programs.

„BOOKBRIDGE is an excellent opportunity for our top talents to develop their leadership skills while creating sustainable impact in underprivileged communities.“ Steve Roberts, Head L&D, Hilti Northern Europe

For further information on the program, visit the Hilti Website.

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