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From "I" to "We": which is the best silent movie on servant leadership? Vote now!

Are you the hero of your own journey? Or are you a servant-leader who empowers others? We asked BOOKBRIDGE community heroes to submit their silent movie around servant leadership to win fame and award money for their social enterprise. Now it's your turn to select the best among the 13 movies. Let's go!

All of us start out in this world as individual contributors. In our early years we are measured by our grades, test scores, and solo accomplishments. As we enter the world of work, many of us envision ourselves in the hero’s image who can change the world. As we take on leadership responsibilities, our orientation must change. We call this journey the “I to We” transformation, because it requires that you shift your focus from your success to the success of others.

A mixture of online and jury voting will result in the best movies winning prize money helping to solve the challenge presented in the video.

What will the winner get?

First and foremost, fame! We will showcase the video on all our social media channels and it can be used to advertise for the vision of the social enterprise. In addition, EUR 1'200 will be distributed among the best videomaker

Here it is how it will work:

  1. Online voting is open until November 3, 2021 We invite you to share this blogpost so that people can watch your video. The video with the most watches receives 6 points, followed by the next one with 5 points up to the 1 point for the 6th most watched video.

  2. Voting by jury on November 8, 2021 A jury composed out of 2 members from BOOKBRIDGE and 2 members from Mildenberger Verlag will distribute another 6 points based on the impact of the project on the community (3 points), the creativity (2 points) and the number of people involved in making it (1 point).

  3. Celebration of the winners on November 19, 2021 We will celebrate the winner of the silent movie competition in an online show on Friday, November 19 at 11 AM CET. All participants are invited and the winners will be shown and recognized by the jury members.

Enjoy and don't forget to vote below!


1. Arvaikheer 1 - Mongolia

2. Angtasom 1 - Cambodia

3. Bandarawela 1 - Sri Lanka

4. Bayangol 1 - Mongolia

5. Govi Altai 1 - Mongolia

6. Nuwara Eliya 1 - Sri Lanka

7. Arvaikheer 2 - Mongolia

8. Mandalgobi 1 - Mongolia

9. Arvaikheer 3 - Mongolia

10. Govi Altai 2 - Mongolia

11. Mandalgovi 2 - Mongolia

12. Govi Altai 3 - Mongolia

13. Arvaikheer 4 - Mongolia

Thank you so much for participating! Join us on November 19 for the celebration. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more updates.

Thanks to all the participants


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