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What we are up to in 2021

In 2021, we continue to follow our vision of a world of purpose-driven leaders. To achieve this, we will develop 301 leaders in 25 programs while creating 74 new social enterprises in 12 countries – including Jordan and Slovakia as new destinations.

Following a challenging year 2020 with a lot of programs being put on hold, we are proud to start a total of 25 action learning programs in the course of 2021.

The biggest impact will be created by our Start Up Camps in Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka in which a total of 165 leaders will be developed while creating 59 enterprises in deprived communities. The programs are run by our Country Teams with support from Rising Tide Foundation.

High impact is expected from our open Capability Programs. With two programs having been moved to 2021 from 2020, we will conduct a total of 7 programs with 72 leaders. This includes 2 fully virtual programs being kicked off in September 2021.

With Swiss Re and cewas, we will be running customized programs in Jordan, South Africa and Slovakia. Further program starts are planned for Switzerland and the United States. In 2021, 4 programs with a total of 32 leaders and 4 new social enterprises will be conducted.

Swiss Re and SameSkies have started to franchise our approach for action learning programs in India and Malaysia as well as Indonesia. In 2021, we plan to accompany 4 programs with 32 leaders.

As a result, we will increase the number of purpose-driven leaders in our family by 301 to a total of 912. Our network of social enterprises will more than double from 50 in 2020 to 124 by end of 2021. Through trainings, update calls and bi-yearly Summit, we aim at keeping our family spirit.

Looking forward, our goal of 2,000 purpose-driven leaders and 300 social enterprises by 2025 seems feasible by continuing to scale up our virtual, franchise or entrepreneurship programs.


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