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"When I'm grown up, I want to give others a opportunity and inspire them."

Ganaa is a student at The Bookbridge Training Centre in Arvaikheer, BOOKBRIDGE's first social enterprise in Mongolia. His studies have been supported by a scholarship from Friends of Bookbridge, a charity association founded by BOOKBRIDGE program alumni with the aim to help fund scholarships for children from needy families. Ganaa has been studying English at the training center and shared this letter with us:

"Hello there!

I'm Ganaa from Bookbridge of Mongolia. And I'm one of the students who got a scholarship to go to my loved training center.

That was a really great honour to have this scholarship. Obviously, I was blessed to be a part of this organization and going out there showing up myself to my beloved ones and getting inspirations from them. Especially spending time effectively with my friends and inspiring each other so that we can be great in whatever we want to do and that is the one of values of being good friends, I think. In fact, every single moments we go through in life is the most valuable.

Furthermore, giving others a opportunity to spend their lifetime with their loved ones is priceless. I hope you guys live happy as well because you give others life [by granting scholarships] and then see them doing well. And I hope I can make you a little bit grateful through this text.

And by the time I become a grown-up I want to give others a opportunity and inspire them. Because I think there are a lot of kids who have great dreams but don't get the chance to do it. And I can make them happy and myself, too. Also I'm really thankful for you guys for making me happy.

In addition, I’m proud of myself as one great teacher's student whose name is Uugantsetseg [founder and teacher of the training center]. She is always thinking of her students to get opportunities to learn something new, to improve and to be a good person. She is a happy person because she gives others happiness. That's why all her students love her. And I'm meeting her about three times a week because I'm her neighbour. I know it is great, and I'm really near to go out there.

It seems to me that it can be a memorable thing when I become a grown-up. And I go there to join my online class and sometime to check out the worms. Yeah, I know you guys are wondering why the worms are in there. It is an ecological volunteer project that my teacher, me and my friends are doing for the first time. Initially, it was a little bit confusing but we got used to do this and we can handle our worms. It is a really amazing thing that having a great life like this and we're just blessed to be here. And I think we just ought to pray to the god for having us great life like this and to keep us together as healthy, happy and peaceful with our great world and nature for a long time.

And I try to pray every single night just right before falling asleep. I believe in praying that it can make our life more wonderful. So you can pray, too. For your family, friends, nature and the future just like everything you want. So, to conclude my text I hope you guys understood what I've just meant so thanks a lot for reading it completely."

If you’re interested in supporting the scholarships of Friends of BOOKBRIDGE, head to their facebook page here.


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