Social Entrepreneurs

Do you have a vision for your community?

You have a strong passion to make a difference, and have identified a clear need in your community. You have previously started tangible projects and you know what it means to work in the pursuit of your own idea.


You show good self-understanding and confidence, through what you do and the way you talk. You are well-rooted in your home community. You know how to network and motivate others to support you and your ideas. Your friends and family support you on your learning journey as a social entrepreneur.

We invest in you to turn your vision into reality.

We offer you a structured and proven approach to turn your vision for your community into a tangible social enterprise, with:

  • professional sessions to develop your business and leadership skills

  • a team of highly-skilled international professionals who co-create your vision and social enterprise with you

  • access to investors who may fund your idea with an interest-free loan

  • opportunities after the program to learn from peers and exchange best practices

  • a lifetime membership in our Family of Bridgebuilders


We invest in you by building up your business and leadership skills to run a social enterprise in your community.


We put you onto the world map. We give you a team of highly-skilled and motivated professionals who support you in good and bad times.


We give you access to capital which you otherwise would not have.


We make you part of our global family with continuous support and offerings.

How does it work?

You apply via our application form below.

If you live in one of our partner countries, we invite you to visit existing social enterprises. Seeing our social entrepreneurs in action allows you to understand how we work and what this means for you. After the visits, or if you live in a country new to us, we conduct a video interview.

Following the interview, we visit your community as a next step. In a community meeting, we will take time to understand the current situation and the perceived needs of the local people. Based on this, we compile a briefing note which serves as a basis for your action learning program. We will recruit additional local candidates for the program.


Finally, we invite you to the kick-off module of our program. You will get to know all candidates and introduce your business challenge. Over the 6-month program, we will turn your vision into reality, resulting in a tangible social enterprise which is run by you as its entrepreneur.


"What makes BOOKBRIDGE special is that it is not about a group of internationals trying to help one social entrepreneur but that we learn from and with each other."


—  Nara & Pierre, Social Entrepreneurs, Ecosoum, Mongolia

Our Promise

Becoming a Social Entrepreneur is not a job, but a long-term commitment towards making a difference as an entrepreneur in your community. Your full-time role allows for a high degree of self-responsibility.


In the initial phase, you will be financially supported by BOOKBRIDGE with a soft loan to kick start your social enterprise. We will support you to make the center financial self-sustained and you will you earn your salary through your paid offerings.

Admission Criteria

  • Passion to make a difference: You are not focused on yourself but you define yourself by your impact on others.

  • Entrepreneurial fiber: You have started tangible projects and initiatives by yourself already. You are aware what it means to work by yourself without a fixed salary.

  • Strong values and ethics: You show good self-understanding and confidence.

  • Rootedness in the community: You are well-rooted in the community. You are a networker and you know how to motivate others to support your idea. You have the support of your family to be a social entrepreneur.

After the program

We will continue to support you after your social enterprise has been set up.

  • We will support you with continuous skill building and opportunities to learn and exchange with peers from your own country as well as internationally.

  • Your team in the program will continue to support you in bi-yearly update calls and on-demand sessions.

  • Finally, we invite you to our bi-yearly BOOKBRIDGE Summit, allowing you to broaden your network and to continue to live our spirit and shared values.

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