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Sharing local skills, building local opportunities

Locals helping locals – that’s Tsetsgee’s vision for her village. Inspired by her international volunteering experience, she is ready to build a community hub where people can share skills, play sports and build a better future together.

I imagine a place that empowers locals, a place where people meet to learn from each other, whether life skills such as carpentry, sewing and vegetable farming, or business skills, such as accounting and computer training. This exchange will strengthen the sense of community as well as the local economy.” This is what Tsetsgee envisions for her community.

Tsetsgee is an English language translator and teacher with big dreams. She founded a small business through the Learning Partnership Program organized by BOOKBRIDGE, and from this first entrepreneurial experience, she learned more about leading herself and others.

Following the vision “Empowered and skilled communities in Mongolia'', BOOKBRIDGE Mongolia would like to support Tsetsgee in setting up a self-sustaining social enterprise and developing her entrepreneurial skills further.

“We are strongly committed to creating significant change in rural communities in Mongolia through our existing social enterprises. Nevertheless, we need to go beyond that to increase our impact. We believe in Tsetsgee’s vision for attending to her community’s needs.”– Amarsaikhan Purev, Country Manager, BOOKBRIDGE Mongolia.

About Tsetsgee

Tsetsgee, share three things people should know about you.

  • My worldview was significantly influenced by my experience abroad as a volunteer, which enabled me to see how people live in other countries, as well as to reflect on my identity and life purpose.

  • I am a true networker. I was invited by an Australian university to launch disaster resilience workshops at the secondary school where I used to work. This work will be replicated in other schools in the area.

  • I am passionate about rugby. I taught this sport in our community in 2017 with the Mongolian Rugby Association. It was the first rural community outside of Ulaanbaatar. The students were curious about learning with me. Now they have better skills and knowledge of theory than other communities.

Why did you decide to apply as a social entrepreneur for BOOKBRIDGE in a Capability Program?

I was so inspired by the mission and the achievements of BOOKBRIDGE. My goal is to make a positive impact in my community, my wish is to help others to accomplish their aspirations.

What challenges would you like to tackle in your community?

I imagine running a social enterprise that offers a community-spirited, child-friendly environment for people to meet and learn from each other, sharing life skills such as carpentry, sewing and vegetable planting as well as business skills such as accounting and computer literacy. Sports and recreational activities, such as rugby and chess, would also be available. I want to inspire the community members to reflect on their life purpose and to create their own opportunities – empowering locals.

What is your vision?

I envision improving local resilience, in terms of economy, education, and well-being in the community. I dream of a place that offers the right conditions to empower locals to share skills between each other. I want to pursue a local approach, where the community can produce on their own, develop their own market and create their own job opportunities.

I think unemployed young adults would be the most benefited, as they can acquire skills from older members and create their own businesses. Indirectly, other groups will benefit, such as people with disabilities, elders, stay-at-home mothers and children.

You started a six-month learning journey with a team of professionals and local counterparts; now, your vision has turned into a reality. How has this program changed you professionally and personally?

I am learning many new skills with a team of professionals, such as communication, interaction and empathy. And I am seeing my community in a new way, thanks to the team's support. Now I can see lots of opportunities to make a difference in my hometown.

I expect that by next year I will have reached at least 30 percent of local youth and mothers, encouraging them to share, educate and inspire others.

Thank you Tsetsgee for sharing your story with us. We are proud that you are part of our BOOKBRIDGE Family!


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